Check out this awesome Kickstarter for a graphic novel project called Grinidon!
The artwork's exceptional and the story looks great! From the makers: "An epic
saga of drama, action, adventure and suspense, with heroes and factions caught
in a war between three kingdoms vying for power." Give it a look!


Fighting Girls


Gun Girls

Space Girls

Super Girls

Blonde, buxom, beautiful socialite turned private investigator Alexis Remington serves the exclusive, ultra-wealthy community of Palm Sands, Florida. Facing a downturn in business, her fortunes pick up when the stunning widow of a recently-deceased power player shows up on her door.

Her newest charge is being blackmailed into turning over a priceless artifact called the Jade Dragon, and the most recent threats have escalated to violence. With her eyes on both solving the case and seducing her client, Alexis sets out to accomplish those goals by any and all means.

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